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We are on a mission to create the
Business Operations Platform that does it all.

ServiceQUIK simplifies the multitude of technologies needed by an SMB to compete, by removing the complexity and providing an easy to use interface with everything an SMB needs, in a single application - with interactive insights, and recommendations to continuously improve.

We want to ensure that Clients using our platform can easily digitize their business and are enabled to generate sustainable income and become a valued employer and contributor to the SMB economy.

We are business owners ourselves, and we too have struggled
to find the perfect solution that can do it all.

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That’s why we created ServiceQUIK.

We built the type of business operations platform that we’d use for our own businesses—one that’s geared towards small and medium business owners, one that offers affordable pricing, a feature-rich experience, and a commitment to empowering the client experience.


Meet the Team

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ServiceQUIK was founded in 2018 by Paul Cameron and Amy Bourke out of the sheer frustration of managing the technology requirements of their own clinic business in Singapore—SkinFitness.

With Paul’s extensive background in the tech industry and Amy’s years of retail operations experience—they decided they could build a better platform to serve today’s SMBs.

And from there, ServiceQUIK was born. ​

Phil, Arjen, and Martin joined as investors, and with over 90 years of hardcore IT experience between them, they formed the Tech part of the leadership team.

What is unique about this team is they have diverse backgrounds in retail, marketing, business entrepreneurship, and the various aspects of technology needed to build a unicorn. Furthermore, this team know each other well and have worked together for over 20 years in various leading companies.

Our small developer teams called pods are located in Singapore, Slovakia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, India, and Canada. Distributed and agile.

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Paul Cameron

CEO & Founder

Amy Bourke

COO & Co-Founder

Phil Abernathy

CTO & Investor

Arjen Smedes

Tech Lead & Investor

Martin Oosterom

Tech Lead & Investor

What drives our team?

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We believe the client experience is everything. ​

Businesses dedicate a lot of time to building their brands and providing a memorable client experience. Don’t let poorly integrated software impact all that hard work. ServiceQUIK enhances the client experience by improving client-facing features.

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We believe your business tools should work for you.

​Your business and its clients are unique. It’s important that you have access to the right tools, so you can focus on providing high-quality service that’s designed to empower your employees and clients. ServiceQUIK gives you all the tools you need to run your business in one convenient location.

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We believe in an agile approach.

​Businesses need to be flexible to stay competitive in the digital marketplace—and that means being agile at all times. ServiceQUIK’s platform was built in the cloud to be more accessible, usable, and agile, so businesses can stay ahead of evolving trends.

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We believe data security is a top priority. ​

The data a business collects is often its most valuable asset, but it’s important that you keep that data safe from potential threats. ServiceQUIK’s platform is built using a robust encryption standard that prioritizes the security of your data.

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We believe business owners shouldn’t have to compromise.​

Too many business owners are forced to compromise when it comes to finding the right business operations software for their business, whether that’s a specific feature, integration, or something else. ServiceQUIK is the only all-in-one business operations platform that doesn’t force you to compromise on what matters most to your business.

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We believe in a transparent pricing model.

​It’s no secret that today’s businesses require the right digital tools to succeed. But acquiring those tools can be incredibly confusing and costly. ServiceQUIK’s pricing plans are transparent and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.


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